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Introducing Polestar: the most advanced media budget optimization tool available today.

PoleStar uses analytical models to identify optimal media budget allocation across countries, brands, products, and channels. It provides you with actionable insights to drive dramatic improvements in the overall return on your organization's marketing investment.

PoleStar helps you to better understand your media mix opportunity, including:

  • Expected return on investment for varying scenarios & levels of spend
  • Allocation of budget between brands and sub-brands, campaigns and supporting core products, and between media channels

"We worked with the team at Cardinal Path to help us measure the effects of our marketing on the business, and to consider operational and external factors on sales as well. They helped us to quantify the impact of marketing on sales so we knew where we stood."

- David Wolff, Chief Marketing Officer, Aaron's Furniture

Bigger Returns. Smarter Decision Making. Marketing Budgets that Work.

It's the age-old question: which part of your marketing budget is working for you and which part is being wasted?

In this on-demand webinar with the AMA, you'll discover how the marketing team at a Fortune 1000 retailer applied a killer combination of data science and technology to solve for this problem with dramatic results: 33% more incremental revenue, with 26% less budget, for an overall 80% improvement in their marketing ROI.

For more information about how you can put PoleStar to work for you, contact us: info@cardinalpath.com

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For more information about how you can put PoleStar to work for you, contact us: info@cardinalpath.com