Marketing Analytics in the Age of Machine Learning

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We’re in the midst of a digital revolution that has fundamentally changed the customer journey and broken traditional measurement. Despite the challenges, opportunities abound to tap into rapid technology growth to push your boundaries. Today, artificial intelligence and machine learning are enabling smarter marketing at scale. With continued advancements, it won’t be long before it’s table stakes, and those that are preparing now will reap the rewards.

Watch this highly engaging session from ObservePoint’s Analytics Summit 2017. Cardinal Path’s Dave Booth explores AI, machine learning and their impact on the future of marketing analytics covering the potential for what can be achieved, the effect on marketing measurement, and actionable advice for getting started.

How can enterprise analytics help you?

“When I came to 1stdibs a few years ago, we were using data, but it was early-stage. In order to be a high-growth company, I knew we needed to put ourselves in a position where data and analytics would drive our decision-making. You can only go so far on gut feelings. At some point, to sustain and accelerate growth, you need the science.”

- Adam Karp, CEO, 1stdibs

Case Study: U.S Cellular

When U.S Cellular learned that sales originating online were being misattributed to offline channels, it turned to Cardinal Path for a custom analytics framework to guide it's Google Analytics implementation. It now has a precise view of its customer journey and can attribute sales credit to its programs in real time.

“We're now in the enviable position of having an accurate view at each stage of our customer journey. Cardinal Path has enabled a custom cloud analytics solution that not only gives us a business advantage, but helps us share a great customer experience, and ultimately ties in to our values of industry-leading innovation and world-class customer service.”

-Katie Birmingham, Digital & E-commerce Analyst, U.S. Cellular Corporation

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