Purchase Intent: Understanding Customer Behavior to Drive Sales 

Live Webinar: Wednesday, October 14th, at 10:00 A.M. PDT / 1:00 P.M. EDT 

Much of the value in your website comes from the revenue-driving actions that it enables. Do you know which actions indicate a sale? Can you show ROI on your digital investments in terms of dollars, and not just data?

Purchase intent is a measure of the probability that a consumer will purchase a product - either online or offline. Discover why these predictive analytics are critical to the success of your digital marketing efforts and hear from one of the nation’s top retailers on using data to create a positive customer experience that translates into tremendous business value.

Using purchase intent findings, you can hone in on the high-impact actions taken on your website, and in this session you’ll see how U.S. Cellular applies these insights to prioritize website content testing efforts.

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Katie Birmingham, U.S. Cellular

Katie Birmingham, Digital Analytics Manager, U.S. Cellular

Working in the digital analytics field for nearly a decade, Katie helps companies make their websites and digital marketing work harder. Even before ‘analyst’ was in her job title, Katie sought to understand how content influenced site objectives. This curiosity led her to create and occupy the first web analyst role at TechSmith, a software company in Michigan

Katies's dedication to using data to improve customer experience led to her position at U.S. Cellular, where Katie oversees the analytics strategy for digital marketing and ecommerce. She is responsible for everything from data accuracy to site testing and optimization. She is an expert in Google Analytics, website optimization, tying KPIs to business objectives, and uncovering the true contribution digital makes to the bottom line. .

About the Presenters

DaveBooth2.jpgDavid Booth, Founding Partner and Principal Consultant, Cardinal Path
As a consultant, David has advised and worked with companies and organizations across five continents in web analytics and business intelligence, statistical analysis and testing, technology selection and deployment, and online and search marketing. He is also an author, instructor, adjunct professor, and public speaker and was named 2014 Digital Analytics Association's Practitioner of the Year.

David has been involved in web application development as an engineer and consultant since the late 1990's, beginning his career with Intel Corporation. Prior to Cardinal Path, he was a founder and partner at WebShare, LLC through its merger, and spent two years with the United States Peace Corps developing and deploying websites and web applications to attract grants and international aid for Guatemalan NGOs and local development organizations.