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Time: 1 hour

(45 minutes webinar, plus 15 minute Q&A)


View this webinar to learn key actions that can get you closer to achieving an omnichannel approach to marketing:

  • Mapping out your customer journey
  • Designing the right data architecture
  • Taking action through data activation and analytics
  • Operationalizing omnichannel in your organization

About the Presenters

Nick Iyengar, Cardinal Path
John Hossack, CEO, Co-founder, Senior Partner, Cardinal Path

For more than 12 years John Hossack has been working with companies both large and small to help them improve the performance of their online channels. John's passions and much of his time are spent focusing on analytics, usability, and conversion testing with the goal of improving user experience and business conversion rates.

John has presented at the eMetrics Summit in Toronto and SF, SMX Toronto, numerous Web Analytics Association events, Internet Marketing Conference in Vancouver and numerous webinars including those of the American Marketing Association. John is a Founding Partner and COO at Cardinal Path, as well as being a Past President of the International Internet Marketing Association.
Corey Kober, Cardinal PathCorey Koberg, Co-founder, Senior Partner, Cardinal Path

Corey leads the Digital Marketing practice and is a frequent speaker on the topic of analytics and digital marketing. Corey is also the author of Google Analytics Essential Training (, 2010) and served as a technical editor of Performance Marketing with Google Analytics (Wiley, 2010).

As a consultant, he has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies, such as Google, Chevron, NBC, Papa John’s, National Geographic, Time Warner, Universal Music, DeVry University, and others, to improve the effectiveness of their online presence through results-oriented, data-driven optimization. Corey holds a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois.