Implementing the right tag management system (TMS) doesn’t have to be as complex and time-intensive as the resource-consuming process of developing, deploying and keeping track of tags. Cardinal Path’s data and digital analytics experts take a vendor-agnostic approach to helping you select the best TMS solution for your organization’s business needs. Our TMS specialists can ensure your tags and vendors are migrated in a safe, orderly manner to guarantee your implementation is smooth and delivers on the promise of providing a single point of truth for your site’s tags. Download our Tag Management Solution Sheet to learn more.

On-Demand Webinar: Marketer's Guide to Tag Management Systems

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By now, the use of a tag management system (TMS) is widely considered a best practice. And yet, research shows that there are still many organizations that are not taking advantage of the time savings, quality assurance, and optimization benefits of this tool.

View this on-demand webinar to find out why tag management systems are a not-so-secret weapon to achieving marketing goals and learn:

  • Why everyone needs a tag manager, even if you’re happy with your analytics implementation
  • Technical and business considerations you need to be aware of as you map out a TMS deployment for your organization
  • More about the leading TMS solutions available