Webinar: Finding the Right Analytics Platform

Analytics have a big impact on your bottom line and as a marketer you need a solid understanding of how the the top platforms can help you generate business value. Get a handle on the benefits of the free Google Analytics platform vs. Google Analytics Premium vs. Adobe Analytics and learn how to choose a solution that aligns with your business goals.

Dave Eckman, co-founder of Cardinal Path will provide an expert overview of the best-in-class analytics solutions on the market:

  • how to know when a platform isn't working for you anymore
  • why some of the world's top brands have chosen one platform over another
  • ways your analytics solution impacts your digital maturity

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About the Presenter

David Eckman Cardinal Path

David Eckman, Co-Founder and Senior Partner, Cardinal Path

As co-founder and senior partner with Cardinal Path, Dave keeps the company and its clients apace with advances in analytics, digital marketing, and technology. He oversees the design of efficient, cost-effective, and revenue-building marketing analytics solutions for clients including U.S. Cellular, Electronic Arts, Visa, YouTube, and many more.

Building partnerships with best-in-class technology vendors including Adobe, Google, Tableau, and many others, Dave ensures that Cardinal Path is constantly ahead of the curve to provide industry leadership and advise clients in their quest to compete and win on digital.

Dave is also a sought-after speaker and educator and has helped thousands of people to grow their digital skill sets and the digital maturity of their organizations.